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CloSYS Healthy Gums Oral Mouthwash, Gentle Mint, 32oz

CloSYS Healthy Gums Oral Mouthwash, Gentle Mint, 32oz

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Why does most mouthwash burn and irritate? It doesn't have to hurt to be effective. With CloSYS Mouthwashes you can protect your mouth from harmful bad breath germs and freshen your breath without the painful burn. CloSYS is one of the first mouthwashes to receive the American Dental Association seal for reducing bad breath. This gentle but powerful mouthwash is perfect for all ages because its patented formula is pH balanced and so gentle you'll actually use it longer for better results. A 30-second rinse in the morning and evening after each brushing is easy . and all it takes to get great results. CloSYS Sensitive Mouthwash comes mildly flavored with a touch of gentle mint. Nothing overpowering or painful. Just a clean . fresh . soothing mouthwash you'll actually use . because CloSYS is the Gentlest Oral Care Ever.

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