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La Laguna de Fuente de Piedra
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Location: Fuente de Piedra, Spain
Region: Andalusia
Province: Malaga
Varieties: Vidueña ~ Lechin ~ Gordalilla ~ Pico Limón ~ Manzanilla ~ Marteña ~ Arbequina
Lots: Unblended ~ Monovarietal ~ Chronologically Divided
Operation: Grown ~ Processed ~ Bottled on the Estate 

The López-Montero family has tended their olive orchards for seven generations. The orchards surround The Lagoon of Fuente de Piedra which is a natural reserve that contains one of the two nesting areas for flamingos in Europe.

Rosario López-Montero and her family use their processing and bottling equipment exclusively for their own olives. They crush fruit of exceptional quality within hours of harvest. Each monovarietal oil is the first cold press.

The estate’s Lechin variety comes from the oldest groves owned by the family. The trunks of the lechin trees are so thick and developed that they are the most laborious to harvest on the estate.

Andrés senior. After harvest he prunes the trees. We were lucky to join him while he pruned young Vidueño trees. He forms the canopy into a crown, allowing the sunlight to touch every branch.

The majority of olives cultivated by the López-Montero family are of the Vidueña variety. Rosario’s grandfather, José, was one of the first producers to graft and cultivate the Vidueño trees which are still rarely seen today. Early in the season, Rosario and her team specially select the trees from which they produce the batches we import.

S.A.T. stands for “Sociedad Agraria de Transformación”. The ministry of agriculture only awards this to independently owned and operated agricultural producers who transform their harvests into consumable products. La Laguna de Fuente de Piedra Olive Oil is produced by SAT # 8064.

Integrated Production

Ecological Production