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Trovato Schrage Selections - October 14, 2020

Early Harvest
2020 - EVOO

The Lopez-Montero Family who produces our Extra Virgin Olive Oil selection "La Laguna de Fuente de Piedra" have kept us updated about the olive orchard and the current harvest season. 

It has been a complicated year not only due to the health emergency caused by Covid-19 that has impacted the entire world, but also due to climate change, which has affected producers with below normal precipitation and high temperatures.

The effect of these changes in the environment translates into the yield and quality of each plant species.

Even with these challenges, the Lopez-Montero family has remained positive, taking action to adapt and keep their orchards healthy to provide quality olives for the coming years.

This October, Mr. Andres sent us pictures of his early harvest, explaining that the most important thing to obtain an extra virgin oil which accentuates the unique flavor of each olive variety is the quality of the fruit and to harvest when it is in its phenological state of veraison (when the fruit is just about to turn from green to its ripening color), we call this "Early Harvest".

Often out of sheer necessity, many producers prioritize high yields in order to sell to cooperatives who dictate the olive oil market. These oils tend to be of low quality since they mix different varieties, from different producers, from different harvest dates.

Harvesting each variety separately, and squeezing the olives as soon as possible after harvest is one of the practices that the Lopez family focuses on during these months to achieve exceptional quality.

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